Fashion Show

There you see the model. She wears a white skirt with coloured CDs. The CDs come from the model’s brother and sister. We stuck the CDs on the skirt with adhesive tape and coloured them with watercolours.
The CDs are colourful. We painted them with water colours and the t-shirt is white with butterflies. I painted the butterflies with felt tips. We glued the CDs with adhesive tape on the t-shirt. We have 14 CDs on the t-shirt. The t-shirt belongs to my cousin and to my brother the CDs.
Hello, that’s my model. Today we present a selfmade tanktop, that we made out of blue garbage bags. In the middle of the top is the name of my model and a heart out of alufoil. Have lots of fun!
This is a pullover and it’s white. The pullover is old, but the rings make the pullover nicer. The belt is brown and it’s from the model’s grandma. Here are the rings The rings‘ colours are red, green, blue, gold and silver. We made them with wire.
Hello. The dress of the model is a yellow recycling plastic bag. We cut the left and the right side of the plastic bag for the arms. We used a yellow recycling plastic bag because everybody has plastic bags at home. The purse was an old plastic bag from a shop. All accessories are plastic bags too.
She wears a dress out of a blue garbage bag and over the bag is a black belt and on the head she has a cap. And she wears boots. The dress was cut. There is the opening of the bag. It is now the bottom of the dress. Here we cut a hole for the head and here two small holes on the upper sides for the arms. From the rests of the bag we made a chain (necklace, verbessert). It is a string with aluminium foil balls. We glued them on it. The things are from the model’s mother.
Hello, I’m the presenter and she’s the model. The dress is a curtain from her grandma and we wrapped it around her. Now it looks nice. She wears bracelets and black high heels, on their sides are bows.